Bible Reading - 8/1/2014
Psalms 119:1-88
1 Thessalonians 5

Looking Ahead - 8/1/2014
Friday OT reading Psalms 119:1-88 NT reading 1 Thessalonians 5 LA Read Exodus 12:1-14 This is when God instituted the Passover for the Children of Israel. God gave us the Passover because if the people obeyed Him (and kept it) God would "Passover" the houses of the Israelites and not allow the destroyer to kill their firstborn. The Passover also prefigures Jesus Christ who would become the ultimate Passover Lamb dying for the sins of the world.

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Our Facility

Blair Ridge Baptist Church assembles at 4502 Blairs Ferry Rd. on the Northeast side of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Driving Directions

Take the Blairs Ferry Exit off I-380 and turn West onto Blairs Ferry Road. Continue West for another mile, past Edgewood Road. The Blair Ridge building is on the right-hand side—watch for our sign!

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