Bible Reading - 7/29/2014
Psalms 106, 111, 112
1 Thessalonians 2

Looking Ahead - 7/29/2014
Tuesday OT reading Psalms 106, 111, 112 NT reading 1 Thessalonians 2 LA Read Exodus 2:1-3 You can only hide a baby so long! Can you imagine what it would be like trying to hide the fact that you have a baby? There came a point when Moses' parents realized they couldn't hide him anymore, what would they do? They did the only thing they could think of...they put the baby in a basket and placed him in the reeds along the river. Baby Moses was in God's hands.

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07/20/14 The Golden Calf
Exodus 32
07/13/14 The Sabbath
Exodus 31
07/06/14 The Tabernacle
Exodus 25-27, 30
06/29/14 God's Holiness
Exodus 23-24
06/22/14 Temptations (Guest Speaker - Toby Thompson)
Hebrews 4
06/15/14 The Law
Exodus 21-23
06/08/14 Ten Commandments
Exodus 19-20
06/01/14 Delegating—Serving Together
Exodus 18
05/25/14 Grumbling Amidst God's Provision
Exodus 15-17
05/18/14 (Guest Speaker - missionary Brian Krueger)

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